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What Does Shilajit Taste Like – How to Enjoy the Benefits of Shilajit Despite Its Taste

What Does Shilajit Taste Like

What does shilajit taste like? This is a question that many people ask before they try this natural supplement.

Shilajit is a resin that is extracted from the Himalayan mountains. Like other natural supliments, Shilajit has many health benefits, such as improving your energy, immunity, and libido. But it also has a very strong and unpleasant taste. It can be bitter, sour, salty, or metallic, depending on the quality and origin of the product.

Shilajit does have a distinct taste that many people find quite strong and unusual. It has a very earthy, mineral-like taste that is often described as bitter, pungent or astringent. Some even describe it as tasting tar-like or resembling dark chocolate.

The strong flavor comes from the high concentrations of humic and fulvic acids as well as over 80 different minerals found in shilajit. So you are literally tasting the compounds that give shilajit its health properties.

There can be variation in taste depending on the source and grade of shilajit. Higher quality, Himalayan shilajit is regarded as less unpleasant tasting than lower grades from other regions.

Purification methods also impact taste – raw unpurified shilajit has the strongest taste. Processed shilajit designed for consumption tends to moderate the intensity somewhat.

To make the taste more palatable, many people mix shilajit with food, drinks or herbal blends. But a mild earthy taste remains even in mixtures. With time, some become accustomed to the unique flavor.

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What Does Shilajit Taste Like?

Shilajit Taste Like
Shilajit Taste Like

According to different experts, Shilajit has a strong, earthy flavor, which is often attributed to its organic origins and the minerals present in the substance.

Shilajit can have a bitter taste, which may be more pronounced in its raw, resinous form. The bitterness is a characteristic that some individuals may find challenging.

There is a distinct mineral undertone to the taste, which is related to the rich mineral composition of Shilajit. This mineral flavor can contribute to the overall complexity of the taste.

The taste of Shilajit is often described as potent and intense. It may linger on the palate, making it noticeable even in small quantities.

Some people note a slight metallic taste, which could be associated with the minerals and trace elements found in Shilajit.

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Does Shilajit Taste Good Or Bad?

Does Shilajit Taste Good Or Bad
Does Shilajit Taste Good Or Bad

Shilajit is often a shock for first time users. Reactions tend to be polarized between finding its dominate flavor profile intriguing or downright unpleasant. So whether shilajit tastes “good” or “bad” lies in the palate of the beholder.

On the positive side, some describe shilajit as having a rich, complex earthiness reminiscent of dark chocolate, coffee or Umami. They don’t mind its strong medicinal taste, and even grow to crave its raw, primal character.

However, more find shilajit to be unappetizingly bitter with unpleasant notes of tar, dirt and minerals. The pungency makes them gag, unable to tolerate its bitter blast.

Much depends on one’s taste for holistic, alternative remedies. If accustomed to intense flavors from fermented foods, garlic, wheatgrass and the like – shilajit may represent an enjoyable sensory adventure.

But those expecting a sweet, smooth health supplement will likely recoil from shilajit’s unfiltered, astringent taste. For them, it lands clearly on the “bad” side of the palate spectrum.

Dosage, grade and processing does impact intensity somewhat. In general the higher the quality, the less repulsive shilajit’s natural flavor tends to be. Nevertheless, proper mixing and flavors masking is required to make shilajit truly tasty for most people.

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How to Make Shilajit Taste Better?

How to Make Shilajit Taste Better
How to Make Shilajit Taste Better

If you find the taste of Shilajit unappealing and want to make it more palatable, there are several ways you can try to mask or enhance its flavor. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Mix with Foods & Drinks – Blend shilajit powder into smoothies, herbal teas, milk, yogurt, oatmeal, sweet potatoes or nut butter. The flavors help mask bitterness.
  2. Use in Recipes – Incorporate it into energy balls, protein/health bars, hot cereals, dark chocolate recipes etc. Spices like cinnamon and vanilla also complement it well.
  3. Opt for Capsules – Encapsulated shilajit avoids the taste issue completely with no flavor alteration or benefits loss. Easy to swallow capsules ensure you get all its potency.
  4. Pair with Natural Sweeteners – Drizzle some honey, agave or maple syrup over a measured dose of shilajit. It combats the bitter taste notably. Just avoid artificial sweeteners.
  5. Mix with Coconut Oil – The healthy fats in coconut oil smooth out shilajit’s intensity beautifully. Try a spoonful of each blended together.
  6. Up Your Dosage Slowly – Start with just 100-200mg. This allows your senses to adjust gradually to its unique profile.
  7. Try Shilajit Resin – Has less pungency than powder. Let small pieces dissolve under the tongue for fast absorption without intense flavor.
  8. Look for Purified Quality – Opt for brands that use proprietary methods to purify shilajit. This removes impurities and reduces harsh taste.

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Does Shilajit Smell Like Cow Urine?

Lower grade variants of Indian shilajit powder in raw form may give off a distinct urine-like smell which is considered impure. This occurs due to contamination with fecal matter, animal byproducts during harvesting. Opting for purified, high-grade shilajit resin helps avoid this unpleasant cow urine odor.

Does Shilajit Taste Like Tar?

Yes, the taste of Shilajit is often likened to tar. In its raw, resinous form, Shilajit has a thick and sticky consistency, and the taste can be intense, with a robust, earthy, and tar-like flavor. Some people may find this taste challenging, while others may develop a preference for it over time.

Does Shilajit Taste Like Coffee?

No, Shilajit does not taste like coffee. While both Shilajit and coffee can have strong and distinctive flavors, they are different in taste. Shilajit is known for its earthy, bitter, and mineral-like taste, while coffee has a unique flavor profile with its own set of characteristics, including acidity, bitterness, and aromatic notes.


How Does Shilajit Make You Feel?

Shilajit is said to provide a noticeable boost in energy levels, due to the high levels of fulvic acid. Many users report feeling rejuvenated, clear-headed and even euphoric after taking shilajit. The effects can last for many hours. However, high doses can also cause temporary feelings of dizziness, headache or mild irritability until the body adjusts.

Who Should Not Eat Shilajit?

People with certain health conditions are advised against using shilajit. This includes anyone with high uric acid levels which can lead to gout, as shilajit may raise uric acid further. Those with autoimmune disorders, bleeding issues, diabetes, anxiety and hypertension should exercise caution with shilajit or avoid use altogether before consulting a doctor.
Pregnant or breastfeeding women: Limited research exists on the safety of Shilajit for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

What Happens After You Eat Shilajit?

Within 30-60 minutes of consuming shilajit, you may notice a marked increase in energy, mood and mental clarity from the rapid absorption of nutrients. The high levels of antioxidants help improve immunity while the minerals may aid numerous metabolic functions in the body. Consumption over weeks can enhance endurance, muscle repair, digestion, cognitive abilities and more. 

Does Shilajit Smells Like Manure?

Yes, Shilajit smells like manure, this is because shilajit contains high levels of organic plant matter and humic/fulvic acids which do lend it an odor profile similar to rich, mineral-laden soil or manure. But higher grades implement purification to reduce the pungency such that smell is diminished. Also mixing shilajit powder in smoothies or capsuling the resin helps mitigate this unpleasant smell issue.

Does Shilajit Taste Bitter?

Yes, most users find shilajit to have an intensely bitter, pungent and earthy flavor. This can be chalked up to the high concentrations of bioactive compounds and minerals present such as humic/fulvic acids, Fulvic minerals, Dibenzo-alpha pyrones etc. Herbal blends, chocolate, coconut oil etc can help mask the bitter taste to an extent when taking shilajit.

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