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Can Nurses Have Tattoos – Nurse Ink: Can Visible Tattoos Impact a Career in Healthcare?

Can Nurses Have Tattoos

Do you want to know Is it OK for nurses to have tattoos? Approximately 40% of the U.S. population in 2023 has tattoos, with 30% having at least one tattoo. Millennials make up a significant portion of this demographic, with 41% having tattoos.

A Rasmussen Report from January 2022 states that 67% of American adults have no tattoos, but 21% have at least two tattoos, and around 35% have at least one tattoo. It is also noted that about 9% of people have more than six tattoos.

Societal attitudes towards tattoos, including in healthcare, have become more accepting over the years​.

Let’s find out whether nurses can ink themselves of not.

Can Nurses Have Tattoos?

Yes, nurses can have tattoos, but there are several important considerations and guidelines to be aware of. Many healthcare institutions have specific rules and regulations regarding the visibility and content of tattoos on their nursing staff, in Canada and Australia as well.

Some facilities prohibit them entirely while others are more permissive if the tattoos are not offensive or inappropriate. However, most facilities require tattoos to be covered during work.

Tattoos that could be viewed as offensive, unprofessional, or that promote a sensitive cause or belief are generally prohibited by healthcare employers even if they can be covered by clothing or bandages. This includes things like profanity, nudity, gang affiliations, etc.

For registered nurses, tattoos on the face, neck and hands are more likely to be restricted by healthcare facilities as these areas are difficult to cover up. Many facilities require any visible tattoos to be small and non-distracting, like behind the ears.

Can Nurses Have Tattoos on Their Hands

Yes, Nurses can have tattoos on their hands, but whether they are permitted to show them varies greatly depending on the employer’s policy.

Some medical facilities may allow visible tattoos on the wrists and, by extension, potentially on the hands as long as they are not offensive. However, the acceptance of such tattoos is highly dependent on the individual employer’s policy.

While many medical facilities are okay with visible tattoos, provided they do not contain offensive material, others may not allow them at all. It’s important to know the specific policies of the hospital or facility you work for​.

In the end each facility develops their own hand tattoo policies for clinical staff like labor and delivery nurses. Most still prohibit them, only allowing bandages or makeup to conceal them. But there may be greater flexibility regarding small finger tattoos.

Can Nurses Have Tattoos on Their Arms

Yes, many healthcare facilities do allow nurses to have tattoos on their arms, as long as they meet certain guidelines.

Arm tattoos are usually permitted if they can be completely covered by a shirt, uniform or lab coat. While working, the tattoos should not be visibly expose, even you are a vet.

Specialty areas like operating rooms may have tighter rules about concealed tattoos. And excessive arm tattoo coverage could still be restricted by some employers.

There is no overarching rule from the American Nursing Association (ANA) regarding tattoos on nurses. Some medical facilities may allow small tattoos on nurses to be visible, but exceptions do exist, and some places may have stricter policies.

The Veteran Affairs Department (VA), for example, allows nurses to have visible tattoos unless it is practical to cover them, with the exception of tattoos that are sexually explicit, obscene, or offensive.

Can nursing students have tattoo

Yes, nursing students can have tattoos, but there are important caveats to consider.

Check your nursing program’s policy. Many nursing schools have policies on appropriate body art, piercing, etc. Make sure your tattoos comply with their rules.

Tattoos in openly visible areas like the face, hands and neck are often prohibited. Have them in easier to cover spots like upper arms, chest, back.

While in school, think about how tattoos could affect getting hired or working in specialty fields after graduating. Some environments are more conservative.

In some nursing schools, tattoos are regulated as part of the dress code for clinicals. For example, one student reported no facial piercings, natural hair color, a limit on earrings, and no visible tattoos were allowed during her clinicals.

Follow all tattoo aftercare and infection control policies so healing tattoos don’t pose any health risks at clinical sites.

Can Pediatric Nurses have Tattoos

Yes, pediatric nurses, like other nursing professionals, can have tattoos, but whether they are allowed to display them while at work depends on the policies of the healthcare facility they work for. Many hospitals and clinics have their own guidelines regarding visible tattoos. Some may require tattoos to be covered, especially if they are considered offensive or unprofessional, while others may be more lenient.

Tattoos on the face, neck and hands are typically still prohibited even for pediatric nurses due to visibility. Facilities also tend to be more conservative about arm and leg tattoos being visible.

Some parents/guardians may find nurse tattoos unprofessional or concerning. Pediatric facilities must prioritize patient-family experiences.

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