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Best Stethoscope Cases (Littmann, Personalized, Cute, Large) 2021

Best Stethoscope Cases

Stethoscopes are an essential part of practicing medicine, but they can be uncomfortable and inconvenient to carry around. With so many different cases available for them on the market today it’s hard not knowing which one will best suit your needs! This is why we have selected the top quality and the best stethoscope cases for you to survive med school, this includes, Littmann, Personalized, Cute, Large, Double, Tactical, and with name.

These stethoscope bags or storage boxes come with features like bright colors or animal prints that help personalize them while still providing protection against bumps in purses among other things.

There is even something perfect just waiting out there if you are looking specifically at their affordability. Stethoscope cases come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular case styles are the ones that protect your valuable stethoscopes from damage, such as scratches or dirt stains on its surface finish.

They also provide protection for your instrument when not being utilized to prevent any malfunctions due to carelessly storing them away without use. There is an ample selection available depending upon what type of physician one may be. 

Some will likely need something more simplified than those working within trauma centers where many different types of instruments might be used daily by various specialists. Others may need more durability as they work all day with tougher patients.

The Stethoscope is an essential tool for doctors, nurses and medical professionals. It allows them to listen closely in order to track down problems with their patients’ heart beat or other sounds that indicate abnormalities within the body tissues.

There are a variety of cases that you can choose from when purchasing your stethoscope. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors so there is something for everyone! The most popular case type seems to be the basic black leather option.

A big plus about having one of these handy cases on hand at all times are their many features. They have RF shielding so no nasty signals get through plus there are ports specifically made just for cables, adapters or pens etc.

This means less clutter when traveling abroad or bringing equipment along your conference tour. Do you know what type of case is the best for your stethoscope? When it’s time to buy one, there are many different factors that go into choosing. One important consideration would be how much protection they offer.

List of Top Rated Best Stethoscope Cases

  1. Opoway Stethoscope Carrying Case
  2. PROHAPI PH-STCC-001 Hard Stethoscope Case
  3. BOVKE A1A35M2 Stethoscope Case
  4. Carbon Hard Stethoscope Case
  5. ButterFox Semi-Hard Stethoscope Carry Case
  6. Comecase Stethoscope Case for 3M Littmann Classic III
  7. Caseling Hard Case fits Stethoscope

1- Opoway Stethoscope Carrying Case

Opoway Stethoscope Carrying Case

Shockproof Soft Interior layer and Premium Hard EVA materials give solidness and durable performance, effectively assimilate impacts and decrease harms, ensure your Stethoscope impeccably, and give an enduring performance.

Great sustain sacks for work. The Stethoscope Carrying Case is practical with 3M Littmann, MDF, ADC, Omron, and Most Stethoscopes.

Outside measurement: 11.42 x 4.92 x 2.56 inch.Internal dimension:10.9 x 3.86 x 2.2 inch. Ideal for conveying your fundamental accessories.Very accommodating during clinical. 

Agreeable Handle/Wrist Strap permits you for simple carrying; Double Zipper configuration gives simple admittance to embed and eliminate your things without stalling out. Keep the substance of your convey case free from any harm set up.

We offer a free replacement or full markdown on the off chance that you are not totally content with our case. Intrinsic Four cross-segment pockets, Keep your Nursing contraptions and embellishments in a solitary spot! Extra Room for care machines like thermometers, Reflex Hammer, Pulse Oximeters, Penlights, Trauma Shears, Tweezers, and so on In vogue Littman stethoscope case Poway Portable and Compact Hard Stethoscope Case Keep Your Health Monitoring Equipment Safe and Carry.

Bring the best comfort to your life! Pragmatic and simple to convey, it’s useful for each event! Gift Idea: Our stethoscope case will be your best gift for specialists, voyaging attendants, nursing educators, home visiting medical attendants, clinical collaborators, pediatrics, crisis responders, understudy attendants, clinical attendants, nursing school, emergency clinic companions. Apply to Nurse Week Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, Birthday, Graduation festivity.

What can Medical Equipment be put away? Temperature thermometers, pens, highlighters, watches, wrap scissors, reflex sled, I.D. identifications, or circulatory strain sleeves.

This Nurse travel case is proper for certain stethoscopes, for instance, 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope, 3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope, MDF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope, MDF Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Stethoscope.

MDF Sprague Rappaport Dual Head Stethoscope, 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope, 3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope, 3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope, 3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope, 3M Littmann Cardiology IV Diagnostic Stethoscope and some more.

Measurements External measurement: 11.42 x 4.92 x 2.56 inch. Inward dimension:10.9 x 3.86 x 2.2 inch Please ensure that the size accommodates your necessity before buying this stethoscope case. Bundle: 1 x Stethoscopes Case ( Case as it were) 


  • Solid and jazzy 
  • Protected and simple conveying 
  • Adaptable plan

2- PROHAPI PH-STCC-001 Hard Stethoscope Case

PROHAPI PH-STCC-001 Hard Stethoscope Case

Keep Your Health Monitoring Equipment Safe and Carry It in Style with Our Stethoscope Hard CaseFinding a protective travel storing case for your stethoscopes that is easy to pass on, strong, and looks incredible can be hard, which is the explanation we decided to make our own! With an EVA development and stylish plan, this hard case will make conveying your Stethoscope simpler than any time in recent memory! 

Securely and Easily Carry Everything You Need stethoscope holder includes an enormous lattice pocket that keeps your Stethoscope securely inside to keep it from scratches or imprinting just as highlighting pen holders and a little cross-section pocket to store your LED pens and little adornments so you can go with all that you need. Comfortable To Hold and Carry This heart stethoscopes and pediatric frill travel case give a wide assortment of brands the ideal fit. At the same time, the special surface guarantees an agreeable grasp. 

It’s conservative and lightweight, making this ideal for use in a hurry or essentially for keeping everything coordinated. Planned with an I.D. space on the base so you don’t need to stress over losing it, The elastic simple grasp zipper can undoubtedly be pulled to open and close it without getting stuck Designed with a fixed dustproof zipper that ensures that the stethoscope holder stays dust-free 

Water safe and scratch safe, permitting you to utilize it anyplace you need Its viable with practically all standard estimated stethoscopes available If the case couldn’t accommodate your Stethoscope well or you are unsatisfied with your buy, please don’t wonder whether or not to email us the stethoscope model or request I.D., we will discount in full quickly, and exceptionally appreciated! 

(Stethoscope and different frill are excluded). Enormous and VERSATILE SIZE: Outer: 11.82″ L x 4.92″ W x 2.37″ H; Internal Dimension: 11.0″ L x 4.33″ W x 1.97″ H, bigger than most others. Viable with 3M Littmann Classic III, Lightweight II S.E., Cardiology IV Diagnostic, and a lot more alongside an assortment of medical caretaker extras like circulatory strain sleeve, penlight, beat oximeter, percussion hammer, reflex mallet, and then some 

Moreover, This stethoscope transporter is planned with I.D. space and a compartment divider, which accompanies 4 pen holders (2 enormous and 2 little), and Interior lattice pockets to keep your Stethoscope and all your medical attendant adornments securely coordinated. 

Utilize hard EVA and nylon to present to you a stethoscope conveying case that is solid, tear-safe, and fire-safe alongside a delicate interlayer and soft texture coating that retain impacts brought about by coincidental knocks or drops to protect your Stethoscope. 

Likewise, this exemplary stethoscope case is the ideal medical caretaker gift that they can take with them anyplace they go. It utilizes a twofold zipper configuration to keep everything securely locked inside and incorporates a wristband so you can convey it easily. 

It offers a 2-Month Customer Satisfaction and 18-Month Limited assurance so you can mastermind today with


  • Sturdy and defensive buy 
  • Versatile and simple to convey

3- BOVKE A1A35M2 Stethoscope Case

BOVKE A1A35M2 Stethoscope Case

The BOVKE Travel Carrying Case is a wonderfully planned travel case made to offer clinical experts a stethoscope case that is defensive and fun and polished to utilize. 

Remotely, regarding the BOVKE travel case plan, one of the primary things you’ll see is that it comes in different fun and new shadings contrasted with a portion of different cases available. The outside of the case incorporates a spill-safe P.U. surface with a white clinical stethoscope plan resembling a heartbeat/heart painted on the top. The fundamental contender for the best stethoscope case is the advantageous BOVKE Travel Carrying Stethoscope Case. This case is made out of premium P.U.

calfskin outwardly, a sturdy EVA shockproof layer in the center, and fixed with delicate wool that will support and secure costly gear. 

It has 360 levels of all-out security with its shell-style case and twofold zipper plan. Inside, there is an additional lattice pocket that can hold any additional provisions without much of a stretch. Besides, there are eight distinct tones from which to pick. 

Moreover, a solid elastic conveying handle with BOVKE scratched on the top is popular and practical for simple conveying. Opening up the case to get to your Stethoscope and ornament is fast and simple, with several twofold metal zippers that can be opened from any position thinking about straightforward open/close changes.

Once inside the movement case, clients will see a comfy inner texture layer that ingests and relieve shock sway from incidental falls and drops. The stethoscope case accompanies both a stethoscope and lattice adornments side, making it simple to sort out your things for speedy access when required. 

The BOVKE Travel Carrying Case is a well-known choice for attendants and clinical experts who need to secure their beloved Stethoscope while keeping somewhat of a stylish presence as it comes in a few energetic shadings. 

Likewise, It is Semi Waterproof, shockproof, Stylish, and Durable. You are guaranteed to thwart any damage to your Stethoscope. Twofold zipper setup gives straightforward induction to install and kill your Stethoscope. Comfortable surface covering – extra fragile, The counter static, shockproof layer, and fluffy surface inward layer.

The item can successfully ingest impacts and lessen harms brought about by unintentionally knocking scratches and knocks, ensuring your Stethoscope. 

The case has an entirely agreeable handle that considers simple and helpful convey ability in a hurry. 

Outside measurement: 10.87 x 4.18 x 2.72 inch, Internal dimension:10.12 x 3.54x 1.97 inch.

Reasonable for some stethoscope, for instance, 3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope, 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope, MDF MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Stethoscope, 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope, 3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope, 3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope, 3M Littmann 6154 Cardiology IV Stethoscope Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope and some more.


  • Semi waterproof and shock evidence 
  • A la mode and solid 
  • Cushy texture lining – extra delicate

4- Carbon Hard Stethoscope Case

Carbon Hard Stethoscope Case

Carbon Stethoscope Carrying Case is an adequately valued travel case intended to effortlessly oblige most customary stethoscopes, including the wide scope of Littmann gadgets accessible available today. 

This conveying case includes a water-safe checker design that offers great insurance from the climate, garbage, fluid spills, residue, and drops. To additionally further develop insurance, the inside is fixed with delicate shockproof textures. Furthermore, a thick EVA shell hostile to stun bubble assurance is joined between the top’s lattice pocket and stethoscope compartment. 

Discussing compartments, the Canboc Stethoscope conveying case accompanies a cross-section pocket on the cover that is incredible for putting away clinical basics like a reflex mallet, injury shears, wrap scissors, and different things. 

The separator/EVA shell that lies between the top and the stethoscope compartment offers a supportive tab for affixing pens, penlights, and a little automated thermometer. Opposite the cross section pocket is the stethoscope compartment, which, as the name proposes, houses the Stethoscope and offers adequate room for a finger beat oximeter or conceivably other moderate things.

Remotely the Stethoscope conveying case keeps a basic plan with a beguiling heart/wellbeing image carved into the corner for the character. For the individuals who need more assortment, this movement case is accessible in impartial and energetic shadings and is outfitted with a smooth shading coordinating with wrist lash for simple taking care of. 

The Stethoscope passing on cases are made of incredible EVA hard shell, and the surface is covered by surface, against scratch semi-waterproof and drop-safe. The divider with a bubble shields your lord cardiology stethoscope from nursing gear put on the contrary cross-section pocket. 

The helpful stethoscope case gives an enormous limit extra Room. Two lattice pockets and four pen holders on the upper fit clinical supplies (fingertip beat oximeter, injury shears, clinical spotlight, liquor prep cushions, clinical gloves, reflex mallet, forceps, and other medical attendant stuff) Main compartment can fit distinction stethoscope or circulatory strain sleeve. Keep nurture fundamentals coordinated, not stressing over harm to costly 3m Littmann stethoscopes and nursing hardware. 

The flexible band holds Littman lightweight S.E. II stethoscope set up, keeping your clinical gadgets parts safely put away when voyaging or when not used. A solid wrist tie permits you to take the stethoscope case effectively and serenely whenever. The medical caretaker stethoscope case is lightweight and reduced, entirely appropriate for movement. 

The presence of engaging stethoscope case adds the plan of stethoscope design, put forth defense as of now not dreary, the chic sense is color in-the-wood. You can think that it is rapidly in your knapsack. An ideal present for Christmas, thanksgiving day, birthday, nurture week, nursing graduation, Apply to nursing understudy, veterinary understudy, home wellbeing attendant, crisis attendants, a specialist on call, EMT, and other clinical experts. 


  • Private plan 
  • Spacious inside 
  • Tough development

5- ButterFox Semi-Hard Stethoscope Carry Case

ButterFox Semi-Hard Stethoscope Carry Case

ButterFox’s Semi-Hard Stethoscope Carrying Case is a smooth and tough defensive travel case that effectively keeps your Stethoscope free from any harm. 

This semi-hard travel case includes a spotless appearance with a few strong shading choices and a coordinating with dim zipper and conveying tab finish from an external perspective. 

A few extra stethoscope case choices have adorable hearts and stethoscope plans scratched onto the case’s outside finish for the individuals who need a smidgen more style. 

To the extent the inside goes, this case accompanies double hierarchical cross-section pockets (one on each side) to assist you with getting your Stethoscope and adornments independently while lessening the odds of your things moving around, dropping out, or getting stirred up as you travel. 

The helpful cross-section pockets likewise give a simple way to you to cut fundamentals, for example, a penlight or composing utensils straightforwardly to it so that it’s not difficult to get to when you want to utilize it. 

Besides the double cross-section pockets, this case likewise accompanies a delicate microfiber inside that assimilates and constricts shock from accidental falls or drops. 

When joined, both the inside and outside offer strong all-around assurance from flotsam and jetsam, sprinkles, and low-profile tumbles to keep your Stethoscope and embellishments free from any danger. 

Given its really sensible expense and extreme arrangement, this stethoscope case is an incredible choice for individuals who need a development case that shows up in a collection of concealing decisions, including Black, PU Black, Blue, PU Blue Sky, Baby Blue Hearts, Black Hearts, Green/Teal, Gray, Pink, Pink Hearts, Purple and Turquoise.

Pass on your Stethoscope and embellishments in style with this uncommon quality passing-on case. Fits most stethoscopes, beat oximeters, reflex Hammer. Practical with 3MLittmann commendable III, 3M Littmann Cardiology III, 3M Littmann Cardiology IV, 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E.,

Convey your Stethoscope and embellishments in style with this exceptional quality conveying case. Fits most stethoscopes, beat oximeters, reflex Hammer. Viable with 3MLittmann exemplary III, 3M Littmann Cardiology III, 3M Littmann Cardiology IV, 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E., MDF stethoscopes.

This case is little outside and huge inside, ideal for conveying your 3M Littmann, MDF, ADC, and some different stethoscopes. Inside Dimensions: 10.1″ x 3.6″ x 1.8″. If it’s not too much trouble, actually look at your size necessity before making a buy .

Base lattice holds your Stethoscope set up, keeping it from bobbing around inside the case. The top lattice pocket gives the secure capacity to penlight, scissors, etc. The case inside is fixed with solid and very delicate miniature fiber, giving a comfortable home to your stethoscope offer substitution or full discount in case you are not completely happy with our case. Stethoscopes and different things are excluded. On offer is the case, as it were! 


  • Very delicate inside 
  • Sturdy and in vogue
  • Minimal and spacious 
  • Twofold cross-section pockets

6- Comecase Stethoscope Case for 3M Littmann Classic III

Comecase Stethoscope Case for 3M Littmann Classic III

Lightweight passing on stethoscope holder for 3M Littmann Classic III/Lightweight II S.E/Cardiology IV Diagnostic, MDF Acoustica Deluxe, Everdixie, MABI, Paramed stethoscope, and that is only the start, moreover for beat oximeter and another nursing pack. Measurement: 10.24” X 3.94” X 2.36” (26*10*6 CM) 

Premium hard EVA, Semi Waterproof and shockproof, non-slip and scratch safe, gives thorough security and a dependable presentation, inside with an Intermediate detachment assurance layer Prevent them from slamming into one another and scratching. 

It is sufficiently enormous to hold a Stethoscope and oximeter blooded oxygen, with network pocket for Nurse-Led Penlight, Oral and Rectal Thermometer, reflex mallet, and that’s just the beginning, decent as a gift to somebody who needs to convey all the nursing adornments. 

Wrist wrap offered makes simple convenience in a hurry, simple for you to take it with your consistently work, tough and smooth twofold zipper to guarantee long haul durability, difficult to sever. 


  • Guaranteed Protection 
  • Enormous space plan

7- Caseling Hard Case fits Stethoscope

Caseling Hard Case fits Stethoscope

Caseling’s Travel Hard Case is one of the most renowned stethoscope cases around for helping clinical specialists with getting and masking their cherished Littmann stethoscope and embellishments.

As a brand, Caselingis known for making a wide scope of astounding stockpiling answers for different items, including those appropriate for attendants, specialists, experts, and other clinical experts. 

Plan savvy, the Caseling hard case includes a practically all-dark outside with a clean Caseling logo scratched into the focal point of the case. A couple of coordinating zippers that can completely open the case from changing positions offers simple admittance to your Stethoscope. All the while, an agreeable wrist lash considers simple conveying and a safer fit to diminish the danger of dropping your case. 

As far as development, this movement case is involved a durable outside with harmless to the ecosystem EVA materials and a formed inside that is intended to be water, residue, effect, and shock-safe, offering satisfactory all-around assurance from drops, awful climate, brutal daylight, garbage, microbes, and other possibly harming dangers. 

Beside an enormous and open stethoscope compartment, the Caseling travel hard case accompanies a cross-section compartment/pocket that is sufficiently huge to oblige other fundamental things like a thermometer, penlight, beat oximeter, reflex sled, otoscope, and stethoscope adornments. 

In case you’re a clinical expert who is worried about the prosperity of your cherished Stethoscope, and you’re searching for a case that gives superb inclusion and extra Room, then, at that point, you might like the security, components, and plan of Caseling’s movement hard case. 


  • The solid EVA material presents the defense shock-confirmation and can be utilized throughout an extensive period, no matter what. 
  • The material can likewise be cleaned down and sanitized without compromising the construction of the case. 
  • A network pocket inside to hold additional hardware if necessary. 
  • A tie on the outside of the case for the simple vehicle.

Best Stethoscope Cases Buying Guide

Having the maximum safety for your Doctor tools is necessary because you cannot invest in them every 3 months. As health care is expensive in some countries, one must become fully prepared and get the case they need for their important stethoscope. Here are some of the features that will help you choose one from all the different varieties in the market:


You get to see different loops on it as it is a section that divides the case into 2 or more compartments. This way you can store more tools in it without cluttering them into a mess. Sometimes there are more than 1 or 2 dividers for keeping all the necessary things in one place.

Name tag:

The place for your name tag can be inside or outside the case. Either way, it is easy to recognize it and not mix it up with someone else’s kit. It also helps you be organized and keep your things safe or from getting unnecessary germs from others.


Keep your stuff managed through various pockets and loops inside the case. Some offer a special pocket for keeping the stethoscope separate. Otherwise, its tube can get tangled with other things inside it.


Hard or soft shells can save from water spillar. Shock absorption can be another plus point to look at the lid for what it is. The softer shell is easier to store in a compact space since it can squeeze small.


You can choose from a small size of several inches that can store only the very usable items from bigger inches to keep all the equipment in it.

Closing design:

There is a zipper or lock design for you to choose from. The latter will let you hear a click to know it is closed and it is usually found in hard shell cases. While the zipper design seems more like a pencil case at times.

How To Determine The Best Stethoscope Cases

Regardless of whether you’re purchasing a stethoscope case to use without help from anyone else or related to different things like a work/school rucksack or clinical handbag with regards to picking a case for securing your costly Stethoscope and clinical basics, there are a few variables you ought to consider to ensure that you settle on the ideal purchasing choice. 

A portion of these elements incorporates the case’s material, the case’s general size, compartment spaces, association, the case’s plan, and the expense of buying the stethoscope travel case. 

This part of the article will give a smidgen more insight about what to search for when buying a stethoscope case so you can make certain to pick one that appropriately suits your necessities. 

Material And Development

Regarding developing a stethoscope case, the sort and nature of materials being utilized will affect the measure of solidness it has, its capacity to ingest shock, and how well it secures against flotsam and jetsam. Moreover, the degree of water obstruction it can give. 

Concerning advancement, a stethoscope case may contain a wide scope of surfaces and materials, including nylon, polyester, TPU, poplin, vinyl, and plastic.

These materials regularly secure the case and go about as a plan decision for the individuals who partake in a specific look and feel of their stethoscope cases. 

Moreover, the case’s outer materials can affect the drawn-out mileage and how long it will hold its new appearance. For those keen on purchasing a stethoscope case for its tasteful appearance, remember the materials’ quality. Regardless of whether it will offer the sort of assurance you wanted for the kind of work you will perform every day. 

Besides outer materials, it is ideal to remember the zippers’ quality and material, influencing how well a case keeps undesirable perils. 

Regarding the stethoscope case’s inner materials, you’ll need to search for delicate defensive textures and a shock-permeable/water-safe development, which can assist with dispersing stun and keep water from advancing inside the case. 


Not exclusively are textures and materials significant for protecting your stuff, yet they likewise affect the case’s general style and plan. 

Assuming you’re somebody who partakes in a specific look, make certain to go with a case that offers a fun and new appearance that coordinates with your style. Notwithstanding, remember your closet, as you’ll probably need to stay away from a case that conflicts with the entirety of your apparel. 

Contingent upon what you’re searching for, stethoscope cases can come in one or the other strong or finished examples with impartial or brilliant shading plans and proposition a variety of various plans and images to suit your character. 

While picking a stethoscope case dependent on its plan, ensure that the materials utilized are acceptable. The texture/materials used to put forth the defense are similar, however defensive as they may be appealing.


One of the main things to search for while picking a stethoscope case is its general size/mass. 

While picking a reasonable case for conveying your Stethoscope and extras, it’s vital to ensure that you pick one that isn’t massive. This is because it can make conveying your clinical things more troublesome bulky than they should be. 

While picking a stethoscope case, distinguish the things you wanted to convey with you, regardless of whether it be a heartbeat oximeter, otoscope, thermometer, injury shears, gauze scissors, reflex sled, stethoscope parts, or different basics, so you can ensure you are getting one that will suitably oblige your things without leaving a lot of unused/squandered space that occupies more space in your pack than is needed. 


While not critical to everybody, having a stethoscope case with extra compartment spaces for association and security can assist you with keeping your things tied down and prepared to utilize when required. 

Stethoscope cases might offer a different compartment space, network pockets, and additionally a delicate divider to assist you with keeping all of your stuff in its place, so it very well may be immediately gotten to during those fundamental medical care minutes. 


For most people, stethoscope case costs won’t affect different viewpoints since purchasers normally discover a stethoscope case for under 20 dollars. Be that as it may, if you are on a strict spending plan, the cost might be a restricting variable. However, as referenced in the article, our rundown cases are generally reasonable and should be inside the vast majority’s spending plans. 

Suppose you are somebody who wouldn’t fret spending some extra on an extravagant case, a few stethoscope travel cases available proposition premium materials and plans for the individuals who need something more chic or individual. Similarly, with any piece of style, a couple of the best parts that can impact a stethoscope case’s expense are fusing the material it’s made out of, its arrangement, its size, and the brand that is selling the situation.

Since the cost is generally emotional, relying upon the individual keen on the item, and most stethoscope cases are entirely reasonable, it shouldn’t be too hard to even think about discovering one with a pleasant plan at a sensible cost.

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