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Best EMS Boots for EMTs and Paramedics (Zipper, Danner, Haix, Under Armour) 2021

Best EMS Boots for EMTs and Paramedics

The best EMT boots for EMTs and paramedics are a must for any emergency responder. They provide the support and protection that your feet need. With features like steel toe caps, they protect you from blisters or sharp objects at work sites where heels might be too high of a vantage point during stressful times.

Before heading out though make sure all gear is in order including leather gloves so they can grab onto anything hanging down without hesitation. In case anything bad happens unexpectedly, you will be ready on your toes.

EMT boots are practical and affordable for all sorts of different uses. They are able to stand up against abuse such as dirt, water or hot surfaces with ease. These shoes have durable construction that withstands external forces like this!

Looking fashionable while protecting you from any potential hazards on the job is what sets these shoes apart. Being a good option for those who work with hazardous materials, and need the protection they offer. 

The main selling point of these types of shoes is their Ankle Braces design which provides extra support when you stand on your feet all day long. In order not to have pain or discomfort from Blisters caused by constant bending down, you can work with ease.

While working inside an environment filled with chemicals that could be toxic at any moment if not handled properly, your feet will be protected. They come in an average of 8 inches to avoid any toxic chemical reaching your skin.

EMT boots are designed to stand up against the elements, and offer protection for your feet. They have a rubber toe that provides some durability when walking on rough terrain or uneven surfaces like cobblestone streets.

The steel shanks underneath provide additional support while hiking through difficult terrains so you can enjoy nonstop comfort even if it gets tough out there! These safety shoes also feature leather soles which make sure they are durable enough not only during walks but also work shifts.

List of Top Rated Best EMS Boots for EMTs and Paramedics

  1. Bates Women’s Ultra-Lites
  2. 5.11 Men’s ATAC 2.0 6″ Tactical Side-Zip Military Boot
  3. Smith & Wesson Footwear Men’s Tactical Waterproof Side-Zip Boots
  4. Under Armour Men’s Infil Ops Gore-tex Ankle Boot
  5. Danner 18050 Men’s Wildland Tactical Firefighter 8″ Fire and Safety Boot
  6. Danner Men’s Tachyon 8″ G.T.X. Duty Boot
  7. Ariat Sierra Work Boots
  8. Dr. Martens mens Work Boot

1- Bates Women’s Ultra-Lites

Bates Women's Ultra-Lites

These boots are worked for long haul use with great calfskin and 1680-denier ballistic nylon to give the boots an adaptable, athletic development, simultaneously allowing them to look very jazzy to wear. 

To zero in on the solace, each boot comes outfitted with a removable padded E.V.A. footbed with shock-engrossing cushions. Likewise, cushioning around the collar to completely pad your feet so they are just about as agreeable as could be expected. 

Maybe the oil and the slip-safe elastic sole is their most grounded include as it permits the wearer to stroll across tricky or lopsided surfaces calm and effectively fits the bill for the SATRA WTM 144 test for slip opposition. 

Additionally, the lightweight substantial improvement simplifies them to wear for a significant time allotment. At last, the entire boots are non-metallic (no metal toes or eyelets), which suggests they are great for electronic security conditions.

That being said, they are in all actuality tough and should you no less than an extended time of customary, extreme use. Unfortunately, the nylon webbing is inclined to fray on the boot, diminishing the boot’s breathability. In general, the boot is useful at its cost; however, as far as boots, you do get what you pay for as far as quality. 

The fitting is quite cozy and truly forms to the person’s feet because of the adaptable athletic development to give the extreme conceivable solace. These boots nearly feel like games boots because of how light and adaptable they are; nevertheless, they are tough enough to help balance your feet. The standard thing estimations are 12 x 8 x 4 inches.

They are extremely lightweight and give a spring in your progression from all the cushioning. In addition, they are somewhat water safe, enough to keep your feet dry when running on wet grass, although not ideal for quite long tons of extreme focus physical laboring positions; these boots will function admirably for standing positions since you supplant the additions when they begin to wear ragged. 


  • 70% Leather, 30% Nylon 
  • Rubber sole 
  • Slip safe elastic outsole 
  • Durable cowhide and execution nylon upper 
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable covering 
  • Removable padded supplement 
  • Lightweight padded E.V.A. padded sole

2- 5.11 Men’s ATAC 2.0 6″ Tactical Side-Zip Military Boot

5.11 Men's ATAC 2.0 6 Tactical Side-Zip Military Boot

The boot is worn by the universe driving public wellbeing staff in a 6″ stature, the 5.11 A.T.A.C. 2.0. It is lighter and more agreeable yet keeps up with its standing for sturdiness and solidness. Another wind stream tongue and full-length double durometer Ortholite footbed work to keep your feet cool, dry, and agreeable the entire day, consistently.

Another breeze stream tongue and full-length twofold durometer Ortholite footbed work to keep your feet cool, dry, and pleasing the whole day, reliably. Finally, the full-grain softened cowhide toe, 840D nylon upper, and Shock Mitigation System give the sort of tough security you need.

Moreover, the A.T.A.C. 2.0 Side Zip 6-inch boot includes a full-length double durometer Ortholite footbed with Achilles impact point flex zone for improved solace and adaptability. Ortholite Achilles sleeve for additional solace. 

This strategic boot has a shock alleviation framework, strobe development with lighter weight upper development, making these military boots ideal for the watch, missions, or law requirement boots. 

The Slip and Oil Resistant Outsole with 840D nylon upper save your feet ready for all missions, watches, or climbing. Highlighting a side Y.K.K. zipper and tough softened cowhide toe, these strategic boots are worked for insurance. 

These 6-inch military and key boots are available in Regular and wide sizes 4-15. Ideal use for Law Enforcement, security, climbing, outside aficionado, watch organization, missions, or work boots. – Apparel that is worked for your current circumstance. 


  • Slip and Oil Resistant
  • 6-inch military & tactical boots
  • Ortholite Achilles cuff for extra comfort.

3- Smith & Wesson Footwear Men’s Tactical Waterproof Side-Zip Boots

Smith & Wesson Footwear Men's Tactical Waterproof Side-Zip Boots

Many of our clients have referred to Breach 2.0 as one of the most agreeable boots in its value reach, largely because of the additional help. 

Utilizing a steel knife under E.V.A. padded sole innovation; the curves of your feet are kept in a legitimate stance. These reductions the shot at exhaustion all through arduous work times. Who might have figured a couple of shoes would make the workday simpler! 

Alongside the steel support comes the rubber-treated outsoles that slip safely. This implies you can confront any scene in any climate condition without the dread of your shoes making you fall over. These outsoles have likewise been made to be non-stamping. 

To the extent comfort goes, the side zips permit you to slip into these effortlessly and approach your day. In addition, the Breach 2.0 boots come furnished with P.U. collars, which grant straightforward access for cleaning purposes.

While these elements are incredible for general use and difficult, exercises, such as climbs, a couple of negative audits have expressed that the Breach 2.0 boots are not ideal for super-charged activities like running. 

While the steel support diminishes exhaustion in the long haul, the greatness of the material will overload you with these kinds of exercises. One thing that our clients have seen about the Breach 2.0 boots is their even proportion of insurance and weight. In addition, the blend of calfskin and nylon that makes up this shoe gives dependable sturdiness and a lightweight fit. 

This implies that you can confront your ordinary work or exercises with proficiency and confirmation that your shoes will withstand the power. 

The Breach 2.0 moreover comes fitted with a gusseted tongue, which is attempted to safeguard your feet from the assault of futile things. The tongue encases your feet in protection like a fenced-in area, implying that they are protected and clean. 

The Hydro Guard waterproof innovation has been demonstrated to be one of the most loved components among boots devotees, as this layering ensures that your shoes will not rot in the downpour. 

A few clients upon buy have adulated the shortsighted yet beautiful form of the Breach 2.0 boots. The tennis shoe-like shape makes them incredible for function as well as relaxed wear too. 

The Breach 2.0 comes in both a metallic dull and a coyote brown, the two of which are tones that go with any outfit. Nonetheless, if you were searching for something more intricate in stylish or apparent around evening time, the essential form of the Breach 2.0 will not please.


  • A model comprised of nylon and cowhide. 
  • A gusseted tongue. 
  • An E.V.A. Midsole with steel support. 
  • Rubberized outsoles. 
  • Hydro Guard waterproof innovation.

4- Under Armour Men’s Infil Ops Gore-tex Ankle Boot

Under Armour Men's Infil Ops Gore-tex Ankle Boot

The Under Armor Infil Ops G.T.W. is a tough strategic boot intended to deal with any mission on any territory. Worked with a waterproof cowhide and high-scraped spot material upper, this flexible boot is great for metropolitan penetration missions or journeys over the rough landscape. The waterproof GORE-TEX film keeps dampness out while elevating a breathable inside to forestall overheating. 

Moreover, the thermoplastic polyurethane solidness suspension offers basic help, and the formed elastic toecap offers extra assurance from ecological perils. The full-length E.V.A. padded sole conveys steady padding through the impact point and forefoot as far as solace.

At the same time, a wishbone thermoplastic polyurethane plate offers additional curve help while crossing rough surfaces. The Vibram outsole keeps up with foothold regardless of the trip, and an Anafoam overlay guarantees that ideal formed fit. Any place your main goal takes you, this Under Armor boot guards you the entire way. 

In addition, the Under Armor Infil G.T.X. highlights a breathable Gore-Tex film that is 100% waterproof yet permits sweat to get away, so you stay dry. Cupron Anti-Fungal Pro Fibers kill 99.9% of competitors’ foot growth following 12 hours of contact with the sock liner.

The Cupron strands additionally diminish the smell brought about by microscopic organisms and growths. Finally, a tough, high footing elastic carry outsole is designed for better grasp through the brutal landscape. 


  • 100% Leather 
  • Vibram sole 
  • Shaft estimates around 9″ from the curve 
  • Breathable GORE-TEX film is 100% waterproof yet at the same time permits sweat to get away, so you stay dry 
  • High scraped spot material upper with Anafoam overlay, physically shaped for exact fit and backing 
  • Molded elastic toe cap

5- Danner 18050 Men’s Wildland Tactical Firefighter 8″ Fire and Safety Boot

Danner 18050 Men's Wildland Tactical Firefighter 8 Fire and Safety Boot

Danner’s Wildland Tactical Firefighter 8″ Fire-Resistant Boot mixes the lightweight and steady advantages of an elevated climber with the rigid principles of an NFPA-guaranteed boot (1977: 2011 version) to convey the best wildland firefighting boot available today. 

The boot is handmade in Danner’s Portland, Oregon processing plant with heatproof, tough unpleasant out calfskin and a breathable lattice coating to offer amazing assurance without forfeiting solace. In addition, a smoothed-out opanka-line development guarantees a strong form that will persevere through even the most serious of conditions.

 The strong, Vibram® S587 outsole is intended for oil and slips safe footing over tough and high point landscape. Try not to let your boots keep you down when you need to push forward. 

The sturdy, Vibram® S587 outsole is exceptionally intended for oil and slips safe footing over rough and high point territory. 

The 851 last is an update to our famous 850 last. This last fits consistent with size with an athletic and steady fit while giving plentiful room in the toe. Offering a particular heel shape that secures the heel for better fit and solace toward the back of the boot, this strong fit is great for that requiring high mileage execution from their staff. 

Durable, fireproof harsh out calfskin upper [18050], Durable, heatproof full-grain cowhide upper [18054] 


  • Made in the U.S.A. 
  • Rubber sole 
  • Shaft estimates around 8″ from the curve 
  • Platform gauges roughly 1.5 inches 
  • Mountaineering-enlivened, lightweight, athletic plan 
  • Breathable, dampness wicking network lining

6- Danner Men’s Tachyon 8″ G.T.X. Duty Boot

Danner Men's Tachyon 8 G.T.X. Duty Boot

Footwear stays the establishment of individual solace. To put it, if your canines are unsettled, the advantages of all that super-advanced uniform clothing you are wearing will appear to be immaterial. 

Even though law requirement obligations are exceptionally assorted, a considerable lot of us spend a decent piece of our workday on our feet, and profoundly practical, agreeable footwear goes far in keeping our brains on the current business. 

Last year, I looked at Danner’s Tachyon boot, a lightweight plan improved for preparing and extraordinary tasks. The Tachyon fused various popular components and immediately turned into an undisputed top choice. 

As of late, Danner presented an improved form of the Tachyon, which will — presumably — have considerably more extensive allure. However, the Tachyon G.T.X. shares large equivalent provisions, with a 500 Denier nylon and calfskin upper, complete with a publishable toe. 

Best of all, the Tachyon G.T.X. is 100% waterproof, and its breathable GORE-TEX liner will keep your feet dry and pleasing.

Moreover, the Tachyon G.T.X. is accessible in a wide scope of sizes, in both normal and wide widths. A speed-binding framework and solid metal equipment guarantee a cozy fit, a significant quality while taking part in overwhelming actual work. 

Notwithstanding it, the Tachyon G.T.X. is somewhat heavier than the first Tachyon and weighs in at 35 ounces. The Tachyon G.T.X. had a genuine elastic sole for predominant scraped spot obstruction and foothold like other lightweight boots. 

I had a few worries regarding what kind of beating my feet would suffer over a taxing day with the Tachyon G.T.X. However, I am satisfied to report that the lightweight plan did not end up being hazardous. 

An open-cell polyurethane foot bed with an E.V.A. cushioning cushioned underside disperses the shock imparted to the feet, and I have had no issue wearing these boots over long 12-hour days. In addition, the outsole includes Danner’s exclusive pentagonal hauls for greatest surface contact and forestall slipping. 

In addition, the genuine trial of any boot is how they hold up and feel following a while of wear. I am full filled to report the Tachyon G.T.X breezed through with no problem at all. 

Even though they would not be my best option for the brutal winter climate, they kept my feet warm and dry, arranging the slushy roads of the metropolitan wilderness. Where they truly sparkle is in the hotter climate, and I particularly like the way that I can pack one set of boots for my drawn-out travels. 

On the off chance that a lightweight yet profoundly useful pair of boots inspire an emotional response from you, make certain to look at the Danner Tachyon 8-inch Black G.T.X. 


  • 100% Leather 
  • Rubber sole 
  • Shaft estimates roughly 9″ from the curve 
  • Durable, waterproof, full-grain cowhide and 500 Denier nylon upper 
  • Polishable toe 
  • 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX liner is designed to keep your feet dry and agreeable

7- Ariat Sierra Work Boots

Ariat Sierra Work Boots

A legitimate pair of work boots is fundamental for work securely with high efficiency. Ariat is a decent decision for laborers. However, its work boot models have gotten positive criticism from purchasers. 

There have been numerous Ariat work boot audits out there. In any case, an enormous number of them need certified, revived reviews.  This survey article gathers the most recent bits of knowledge from past purchasers and my insight as a rancher. In this article, I will go through some best-evaluated models of Ariat. 

Made of premium quality full-grain cowhide, these men’s Sierra Work Boots from Ariat is a tough piece of footwear that is intended to satisfy all your working environment needs from the horse shelter to development work 

For predominant dependability and solace, the A.T.S. innovation is consolidated into these cowhide work boots. Each progression offers adequate help to give you the certainty and control that is sufficient to take on the difficulties at work easily.

You will not lose your hold on any oily or elusive floors. This pair of men’s work boots include an oil-and slip-safe sole that guarantees most extreme scraped spot opposition, hold, footing, and hotness obstruction for up to 750°F/400°C 

  • 100% Leather 
  • Synthetic sole 
  • Shaft estimates roughly 10″ from a curve 
  • Genuine quality leather
  • A.T.S. stability 
  • Oil –And slip-resistance 

8- Martens men’s Work Boot

Martens men's Work Boot

The Ironbridge is furnished with a steel toe that fulfills or surpasses ASTM guidelines. A few forms incorporate electrical peril insurance. The outsole is slip-safe against both water and oil. Dissimilar to some slip safe boots, this work, foothold levels are magnificent. 

Style is a significant selling point of these boots. They are accessible in a decision of three tones. I picked the teak adaptation, and that tone at all does not frustrate me. The brushed calfskin and uncompromising eyelets give them a lot better quality appearance than their sticker price would recommend. What’s more, the particular current appearance combined with Dr. Martens’s renowned yellow string makes them ideal for end-of-the-week wear. 

Like most Dr. Marten boots, there is an air-cushioned sole. This suggests a layer of little air pockets in the cushioned bottom that ensures your feet against the shocks that they take when hitting the ground.

I agreed on the to the brand this outcome in a sensation of feeling elated. . While I would not go that far, I will say that the shock ingestion levels are awesome. Additionally, I encountered zero foot weariness even after the twelve-hour mark. 

The Ironbridge is water safe, not waterproof, and there is a major contrast between the two. They will keep your feet dry in a light storm or a quick development in a puddle. However, anything over that will bring about wet feet. 

If you have worn boots with hostile to weakness innovation as little elastic cones, then, at that point, that is essential, what you can anticipate from the air pad with a little added ricochet tossed in. 

The uppers are additionally all-around planned. They likely have the most cushioning that I have found in a boot. In addition, it has been produced using a ballistic lattice; it keeps your lower legs and upper foot padded without hampering wind current. 

One potential drawback is that the removable insole is not awesome. On the off chance that you need a ton of curve support, I suggest supplanting it. 

A substantial pair of boots, however sufficient, added solace to legitimize conveying it. 

Concerning protection, the uppers are produced using full-grain cowhide, which largely makes for a strong all-year boot. As of recently, I have quite recently worn them in spring, yet I accept that with the right socks, they will make for pleasant wear in both summer and winter.


  • They have a strong style and development 
  • Made of unadulterated cowhide that is tough and can keep going for a drawn-out period 
  • It has a strong steel toe that includes extra toe protection from electric charge 
  • The material is water-safe and can be utilized in any tough spot 
  • The boot additionally has a breathable and shock retaining insole that keeps your feet cool

Best EMS Boots for EMTs and Paramedics Buying Guide

EMT boots are a crucial part not only of an EMT’s safety equipment, but also their professionalism and competence. Nothing feels better than being cozy from head to toe on those days where it is just too chilly outside. Here are a few options and features to look for while buying these shoes for yourself or your coworkers:


An average of 8 inches is present for ankle support which also makes them high tops kind of style. This feature helps in fully protecting your ankle from twisting or being exposed to toxic chemicals that can be bad for the skin.


You can choose from leather and nylon while some are made of 70% the former and 30% the latter. This way, more style and durability is provided to the user by not missing one material out.


Rubber is better to have a firm grip on the ground. They are also slip resistant and shockproof when you are risking your life for others. Your gear should be accommodating enough that can save you from such chaos. 

Mesh lining:

For breathability, mesh lining will help your feet breathe for a while. When you are on work shift for several hours, this feature will help prevent foot fungus or other injurious infections.


There can be a side zipper for quick wear and removal. Moreover, the lace design helps gain more firm grip on the ground to your toes. This feature will help you rush into an emergency with ease.

Tactical features:

Certain tactical features help in shock absorption and being waterproof is what makes you unstoppable. This way a better EMT or paramedic can perform in the field when he is not afraid of anything.

A Guide to purchasing E.M.T./Paramedic Boots in 2021

Pressure test

 The boots should fulfill one of two models for pressure rating by applying a deliberate burden up to the predetermined number of pounds expected to cause the toecap to begin to squash or break. 

  • C/50 rating will protect the toes from a constraint of 1750-pound compressive weights.
  • C/75 rating safeguards the toes from a restriction of 2500-pound loads.

E.M.S. work boots should shield the E.M.T. from work perils.

Defensive footwear comes either as steel-toed or with a composite toecap. Regardless, these “safeguards” are intended to guard toes. 

E.M.S. boots should protect feet. Search for boots that agree with the above pressure and effect tests. Ensure the sole is durable; many accompany a hard plastic plate on the base. Boots ought to be waterproof and slip-safe. The tracks ought to have a decent grasp on a wide range of surfaces. 

E.M.T.s and Paramedics will experience these normal occupation perils. 

  • Unfavorable Weather Conditions. 
  • Unsafe Materials on clinical scenes, similar to sharp metal, broken glass, engineered substances. 
  • Exposure to biohazards like blood, regurgitation, and excrement. 

Contemplate all the spots an E.M.T. or Paramedic should walk. All of that climate the boots are presented to. A decent pair of boots, alongside gloves, is a clinical responder’s first line of protection in the field. 

They should be well-fitting.

Be certain that boots fit effectively. Purchasing some unacceptable size of boots will contrarily affect the work execution of crisis faculty. Before buying a couple of boots, make certain to realize your size too on the off chance that you need customary or wide-fitting boots. Side Zippers are an immense advantage as they permit E.M.S. suppliers to get in and out of boots rapidly. 

For instance, a group is positioned at a station (I.E., a fireman). Having Side Zip boots lets them eliminate the boot effortlessly and set them back on when the need emerges, and the responder needs to get out the entryway. 

The boots should be agreeable.

E.M.S. staff will, in general, work long moves. 12 or 24 hours is a surprisingly long time to spend in several boots. Get materials that relax. Search for boots that are produced using waterproof materials like Gore-Tex or another high-level material. All calfskin boots are not suggested, as there is little wind current, which can bring about rankles. 

Search for respectable brands.

Brand name boots ordinarily are of better quality. They have the statistical surveying and assets to guarantee that the item being delivered is quality and follows security principles. Brand name organizations typically offer substitution programs for flawed items.

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