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Best Scrubs For Curvy Women Reviews (Buyer’s Guide)

Best Scrubs For Curvy Women

What are the best scrubs for women with curves? It’s easy to find a good scrub when you’re looking in stores or on websites. However, finding one that is perfect can be difficult because not all clothing has wide enough openings at chest and waist areas- which could lead someone with big hips to buy an item meant only for slim people! 

We tested various pieces from several different brands (both cheap/high priced) until we found ones made of materials such as cotton or polyester instead of nylon so they would stretch more easily over our widest part without being see-through; these also happened quite fitting nicely around each individual curve point like most items do nowadays.

Scrubs are a popular choice for women who have curves. From modest to stylish, there’s an option that will suit your needs and preferences!

If you are a curvy woman, then scrubs might be the perfect clothes for your figure. They’re loose and flowy enough to hide any problem areas while offering all of those great benefits like not cutting in at awkward places or showing through fabric!

Top 10 Rated Best Scrubs For Curvy Women

  1. Smitten S101002 Slim Fit Super Scrub Top for Women
  2. Ultrasoft Premium Mock Wrap Medical Nursing Scrubs Set for Women
  3. FIGS FW1100 Casma Three-Pocket Scrub Top for Women
  4. BARCO 5105 ONE – Women’s Racer Top, V-Neck Medical Scrub Top
  5. KOI 225 Erica Scrub Top-Galaxy. X-Small
  6. Dickies 82851 Xtreme Stretch Women Scrubs Top
  7. MedPro Women’s Printed Medical Scrub Set
  8. Workwear Originals Women Scrubs Set

1- Smitten S101002 Slim Fit Super Scrub Top for Women

Smitten S101002 Slim Fit Super Scrub Top for Women

As a medical attendant, you need to wear them, and when you work 12-to 15-hour shifts, you need to be pretty much as agreeable as conceivable in your uniform.

FIGS Catarina ladies, clean tops are not your normal decision. The cleans include a four-way stretch innovation to give unrivaled solace, capacity, and fit.

 You will feel awesome with how agreeable their material is. FIGS are designed with FIONTechnology material to give the greatest solace as you take care of your job.

In addition, the material is antimicrobial, lightweight, delicate, fluid repellant, and hostile to wrinkle. It has every one of the characteristics that you are searching for in a piece of texture.

FIGS for ladies are planned with a side-cut trim that permits you to move as fast as could be expected. It likewise includes a complimenting outline.

Moreover, FIGS for ladies likewise include a profound and practical chest pocket for savvy stockpiling. The FIGS cleans come in all sizes from xx-little to xx-enormous and are accessible in four tones. You browse dark, graphite, naval force blue, and ceil blue.

Further, the upscale plan of the cleans adds to the expert appearance of the clinical uniform. You don’t need to forfeit the solace and capacity with their style. FIGS are the best scours for individuals who need a cutting-edge and excellent uniform.

The Casma scour top components a cutting edge square slipover dashed back and side-cut stitch for simplicity of development and a complimenting outline. We’re fixated on the little subtleties that raise your scours from workwear to remarkably practical, 100% Awesome Scrubs.

Designed with FIGS’ signature FIONTechnology texture and dampness wicking properties, the Casma clean top components a cutting edge square slipover shot back, and side-cut fix for simplicity of development and a complimenting outline. FIGS’ inventive four-way stretch texture is likewise hostile to the flaw, lightweight, and strangely delicate.


  • 72% Polyester, 21% Rayon, 7% Spandex
  • Pull-On conclusion
  • Wash cold back to front
  • Tumble dry low
  • Wonderful FIT SCRUB TOP
  • Keen STORAGE
  • Unrivaled COMFORT AND FEEL

2- Ultrasoft Premium Mock Wrap Medical Nursing Scrubs Set for Women

Ultrasoft Premium Mock Wrap Medical Nursing Scrubs Set for Women

The Ultra Soft scours for ladies are classy and made of a blend of Polyester and Rayon. The great quality scours are popular and have two front pockets with a fake wrap appearance. Also, the materials are thick and strong yet additionally delicate. You can utilize the cleans as your nightwear.

Ultra Soft scours are great to wear throughout the mid-year or then again if you work in hot conditions since they are breathable.We likewise love the scours since they don’t gather build-up. The cleans sit low on the midriff and are a contraband cut. 

Although, the flexible back and drawstring midriff guarantee the jeans stay secure just in any event when you much of the time need to turn or twist during your shift.Further, the four pockets of the scours can store little things, for example, your cell phone, penlight, and others.

We make our scours from the best material we can find. It’s tearing safe and made to be worn commonly. It faces many clothes washer cycles, and the solid sewing implies that it will not let you down when you want it most.

They arrive in a scope of alluring shadings, from the exemplary ceil blue to more bold shades like greenish blue, orange, and purple.

Regardless of what part of the clinical calling you work in, you’re certain to track down the right tone for you.The Soft Brand scours are made for slimmer attendants. Hence, the outline size is certainly not a genuine impression of the size that would fit you.

Medical attendants with bigger chest sizes might think it is hard to put on tight tops—also, the machine-launderable material psychologists after washing. Hence, we suggest you request one size bigger than your typical size.Ultra Soft Brand Scrubs for female medical attendants are reasonable and accompanied by a 30-day unconditional promise.


  • 77% Polyester, 23% Rayon
  • Button conclusion
  • Tough AND STRONG

3- FIGS FW1100 Casma Three-Pocket Scrub Top for Women

FIGS FW1100 Casma Three-Pocket Scrub Top for Women

FIGS offers various scour tops with complimenting forms that give a designer-fitted appearance. Indeed, many medical caretakers and dental specialists love how FIGS shirts oblige their body shape.

Stylishly, these scour highlight trendy shadings that suit most clinical garbs and clean jeans. In addition, their work and nursing-school-accommodating importance are suitable for most expert settings.

To guarantee an ideal fit, FIGS uses four-way stretch textures in large numbers of their cleans. Subsequently, medical services experts appreciate how FIGS feels and fits.

Notwithstanding, not each of their cleans gives a very versatile stretch. Hence, you should figure out what level of versatility is most appropriate for your necessities.

As recently expressed, FIGS scours as often as possible uses stretchy textures for an agreeable fit and incredible versatility.

In any case, the stretchiness fluctuates enormously, relying upon the textures and the scour’s plan. FIGS additionally exploits charge textures to guarantee that medical care laborers feel good and upheld for the day.

Even though FIGS utilizes different materials, the most well-known textures incorporate Polyester, Rayon, and spandex.

These textures give solidness, stretchiness, and extraordinary versatility permitting medical care laborers to move effectively around the working environment.

In addition, the textures give dampness wicking, scent safe, and against wrinkle properties for quick cleaning and to keep an expert appearance.

Attendants portrayed the clean material as being thicker than different scours they’ve worn.Be that as it may, the textures stay lightweight and cool during occupied workdays. The plan additionally uses twofold needle sewing in various scours to give dependable execution.

Finally, these cleans highlight designed FIONtechnology for prevalent solace and adaptability. This permits medical care laborers to zero in on their obligations without agonizing over inconvenience or inflexibility.


  • Perfect for curvy ladies
  • Good quality material
  • Amazing soft fabric
  • Mad from 72% Polyester, 21% Rayon, 7% Spandex
  • Good space pockets

4- BARCO 5105 ONE – Women’s Racer Top, V-Neck Medical Scrub Top

BARCO 5105 ONE - Women's Racer Top, V-Neck Medical Scrub Top

MedSurg/telemetry nurture Shannon Yarnoff inclines toward Barco’s Gray’s Anatomy line for the fit: “They are agreeable and complimenting!” 

Cleans from Barco’s Gray’s Anatomy line was as of late appraised 10/10 by-product from all experts for their dampness-wicking properties, ageless style, and fit intended for solace and simplicity during extensive 12-hour shifts. 

Moderate consideration nurture Christy Copensky likewise adores Gray’s Anatomy cleans since she can modify the attack of her tops. However, she prefers them for pragmatic reasons, as well. “For scour tops, I pick Gray’s Anatomy. 

For ladies, cleans can be square-shaped, and I track down that the Gray’s Anatomy image is agreeable, up-to-date, and complimenting. They face many washes and are simple upkeep with regards to wrinkles.” 

The Barco One is an attractive scours for female medical caretakers whose texture is spread about utilizing an exclusive innovation as Advanced Research Clothing (ARC). 

This innovation makes the scours sans wrinkle, stretchable, and simple to keep up with. In addition, the material used to make the cleans is breathable and has amazing dampness-wicking properties. 

Accordingly, if you generally sweat during your movements, this will be a decent scour for you. The Barco One is produced from a mix of Polyester and spandex. The trendy cleans top has a V-neck and four twofold fixed pockets. The cleans are delicate, agreeable, and come in various tones.

Nonetheless, the cleans might seem glossy when they get grimy. Aside from this, the cleans are made to fit slimmer attendants. Subsequently, if you have a huge chest, you would be in an ideal situation looking at cleans for hefty size attendants.


  • half Polyester, 43% Polyester, 7% Spandex 
  • Machine Wash 
  • Style and Function: 
  • Stay Clean and Secure: 
  • Extreme Comfort

5- KOI 225 Erica Scrub Top-Galaxy. X-Small

KOI 225 Erica Scrub Top-Galaxy. X-Small

The koi Women’s Scrubs are not clean. Instead, these are figure smoothing tops that most medical caretakers use as scours. 

Also, the cleans are produced using cotton and Polyester and, subsequently, are very delicate. Notwithstanding, the delicate material draws in the build-up. 

Although, the koi female medical caretaker tops have an exceptional, Y-molded neck area and a pocket for conveying little things like pens.

Further, the sleeves of the tops have circles and tabs, which can be valuable if you could get a kick out of the chance to look at things that you wanted to get to without any problem. 

Moreover, the thin cut tops will feel a little close on medical caretakers with more extensive shoulders. The KOI Basics Ultra Plus Size Scrub Top is number 4 on our rundown of best clean tops with its lightweight and breathable plan. It arrives in a scope of stretched-out sizes up to 5xl and has 18 unique tones to browse. 

Likewise, this clean top, made out of the stretchy, dampness-wicking texture, is not difficult to focus on and doesn’t need pressing to keep it looking incredible.This top has four pockets to store hardware and supplies. The pockets incorporate one secret phone pocket and a secured pocket with an inner print plan. 


  • Made out of stretchy, dampness wicking texture
  • Lightweight and breathable. 
  • It has 18 unique tones to look over
  • sizes from xx-little to 5xl. 
  • It incorporates four pockets, 
  • Including a secret PDA pocket 
  • A button caught pocket. 
  • A bungee circle at the top 

6- Dickies 82851 Xtreme Stretch Women Scrubs Top

Dickies 82851 Xtreme Stretch Women Scrubs Top

Our number two clean top is the Dickies Xtreme Stretch Plus Size Scrubs Shirt. This clean top arrives in a drawn-out scope of sizes up to 5xl. It comes in 21 distinct tones and makes certain to squeeze into whatever stylish you have. 

Also, the top is planned with a four-way stretch, wrinkle-safe texture with a slipover neck area. It incorporates two front fix pockets to store supplies just as a PDA pocket. The PDA pocket has a joined D-ring to connect your informal ID or keys onto. The top remembers enlivening logo eyelets for the front for added style. 

Dickies is the main maker of wellbeing and sporting equipment. The scour is produced using a mix of Polyester, Rayon, and spandex and is accessible in a wide scope of tones. 

Moreover, the fitting clean is elegant, lightweight, and has superb dampness-wicking properties. Finally, the top has a V-neck plan and will compliment your ladylike figure. 

Further, the clean can fit most body types and is appraised as perhaps the best scour for surprising ladies. The delicate and agreeable material doesn’t draw in the build-up, and consequently, it’s not difficult to keep up with. 

Likewise, the pockets of the Dickies Women’s Xtreme are not profound. But, subsequently, if you wanted to convey many things, you might view them as an issue. 

Additionally, the shading blurs periodically when washed. You can wash the cleans with a clothes washer and don’t have to press them.


  • Different, forward-looking PDA pocket 
  • It has a lengthy scope of sizes that go up to 5xl and 21
  • Planned with wrinkle-safe
  • Four-way stretch texture for ideal solace
  • Two extra fix pockets for provisions or gear stockpiling.

7- MedPro Women’s Printed Medical Scrub Set

MedPro Women's Printed Medical Scrub Set

If you are searching for a modest clinical scour for ladies, you should check the MedPro cleans. These scours are produced using cotton and Polyester, and their wrap tops have front pockets. The jeans likewise have front and back pockets that are very large for putting away little things during your shift. 

Most attendants love MedPro cleans for the assortment of prints that they come in. You can choose from creatures, kid’s shows, flowers, and different kinds of prints. 

Likewise, these scours are superb for medical caretakers who want to communicate their character through their closets. Loads of fun prints: flower, collectible, paisley, animation figure, creature prints. Some accompany bosom disease pink lace. 

Blend and match with your current scour tops and jeans. Then, go to work with our distinctive wonderful printed tops. Slipover top with two front pockets, Full Elastic Back Pants with drawstring, two front slide pockets, and one freight pocket. 

Track down your fit by looking at our estimating graph in item depiction. Be that as it may, the scours are produced using modest material and don’t keep going long. Thus, these are a minimal expense choice for low-maintenance medical caretakers or understudy attendants.

Slipover top with two front pockets, Full Elastic Back Pants with drawstring, two front slide pockets, and one freight pocket. 

Track down your fit by looking at our estimating graph in item description floral, collectible, paisley, animation figure, creature prints.

 Some accompany bosom malignancy pink lace. So first, blend and match with your current clean tops and jeans. Then, go to work with our distinctive, beautiful printed tops.


  • 55% Cotton 45% Polyester 
  • set is solid and lightweight 
  • Simple fit plan with plentiful pockets 
  • Loads of fun prints

8- Workwear Originals Women Scrubs Set

Workwear Originals Women Scrubs Set

The Workwear Originals scours for ladies are produced using a mix of Polyester and cotton. Also, the Workwear Originals pants have side-calculated pockets for keeping your nursing fundamentals. A versatile drawstring holds the jeans set up as you circumvent your day-by-day shift. 

Moreover, the material used to cause the ladies’ scours are strong yet can feel hardened during the main long stretches of wearing another clean. 

But, for the most part, the firmness vanishes in the wake of washing the clean for a couple of days. These clean for ladies are made of 65% Polyester and 35% cotton. The two materials are tough and solid. Many brands arise as amazing choices.

However, this choice is unique. They are accessible in more than 25 sizes. They come in various shadings as well. You can browse dark, the Caribbean, ceil blue, violet, universe blue, green apple, hot pink, tracker green, malibu blue, pewter, genuine greenish-blue, red, imperial, white, wine, yellow, naval force, chocolate, khaki, orange, lavender, and ocean breeze. They have an assortment of choices for you. Name it, and they have it.


  • 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
  • Imported 
  • Drawstring conclusion 
  • Machine Wash 
  • Exceptional BUNDLE INCLUDES 2 ITEMS 
  • Uniform Scrub Bundle Set V-Neck Top 
  • Inside Pocket 
  • Gasp Back Pocket
  • Side Angled Pockets

How to choose Best Scrubs For Curvy Women

Generally, being larger measured implied you needed to manage excessively loose or awkward scours to track down any that fit. 

Be that as it may, organizations are beginning to heed the requirement for stylish larger estimated scours. Presently that there is a more extensive assortment of well-fitting larger size cleans and more exact estimating outlines of current-day online retailers; it’s generally simple to find decent, agreeable scours regardless of the size. 

With every one of the decisions in larger measured cleans accessible now, it tends to be not difficult to get lost and overpowered.


You can find scrubs in various materials, and you can buy them according to your demand. Materials are:


Cotton is exceptionally well known as far as apparel and dresses. The texture is cool, delicate, and regular. It is appropriate for touchy skin. Cotton is a breathable texture that will cause you to feel cool; it even assimilates fluid without any problem.

It is without a doubt a wearable texture ideal for long obligations. The texture is sturdy and solid, so after numerous washing, it stays fit as a fiddle. Scours that have a high cotton content are delicate and agreeable. In addition, the texture can withstand normal wash. 


Not at all like cotton texture, Polyester is a manufactured one. Yet, it is utilized as a texture in cleaning for valid justifications. Polyester is solid and intense. It was intended to endure even after different washes. With the solidness of Polyester, you have no issues wearing them as often as possible. 

The polyester texture doesn’t handily blur too. The splendid or dynamic shade of scours for ladies can remain like new contrasted with different materials. Besides that, the polyester texture is lightweight. You’ll be agreeable in your cleans, and polyester texture is reasonable. 


If you are searching for textures that will be a decent option for cotton, Rayon is a great decision. It has likenesses with cotton textures about characteristics and provisions. 

This is a breathable texture that is great for scours. If your work requires extended periods of obligation, you wanted an agreeable texture decision for your uniform.

Scour top and clean jeans for ladies should be adequately agreeable. Accordingly, center around what texture gives the required solace. 

You wanted to observe that Rayon might require more opportunities to perfect and dry. Therefore, it is fitting to utilize cold water for washing as well. 


The best nursing ladies’ scour top and clean jeans will permit you to move serenely for the day. Spandex textures are one of the most amazing texture choices to accomplish that. The texture is a lightweight material that can extend. 

Spandex is a strong manufactured texture.

Likewise, it requires delicate consideration when washing the material for it to endure longer. You likewise need to try not to utilize blanch if you wash the cleans. Many scour brands are utilizing spandex texture in light of its astonishing quality. 

Dampness Wicking

Ladies’ scours that can control the temperature are awesome. In any case, how can that be? You wanted to choose a texture with dampness-wicking highlights. 

Dampness-wicking texture assists move with perspiring rapidly to the external surface, and it additionally keeps the fabric dry. This component likewise gives a nonstick inclination when your skin contacts the texture. Engineered textures are generally dampness-wicking except cotton texture. However, there are cotton textures that are dealt with and made as dampness wicking. 


A few textures are treated with synthetic compounds like triclosan and quaternary ammonium to be antimicrobial. The equivalent is utilized in things utilized in the emergency clinic, like sheets and draperies. 

With antimicrobial texture, these scours made for ladies have insurance against microorganisms and other dangerous organisms. 


Kink-free textures permit you to save time during the consideration and clean cycle.Being sans wrinkle, the texture becomes impervious to wrinkling. Ladies scours that are sans wrinkle can figure out how to hold their shape. They are fabricated and treated to oppose outside pressure. 

Crease Placement

Crease arrangement is critical to achieving the solace that you need for your scours. It permits you to have incredible and new scours that give the right fit. 

Typically, brands incline toward a realm midsection for a free fit beneath the high-waisted crease and a more tight fit in the bustline. Crease’s position considers the textures utilized in your cleans as well. 


Ladies ought to likewise think about the length of the cleans, both top, and gasp. Before you buy your new cleans online, consistently look at the length first on the portrayal when you cannot give them a shot. In some cases, you wanted a few changes like evaluating them to guarantee that you get the size that fits well. 


The pockets of the cleans are useful for each attendant. They can have an enormous effect while executing their positions. In addition, there are scours with pockets on the base and top parts. With a lot of pockets, ladies medical caretakers can put all their fundamental stuff. 

Each pocket of the scours is intended for explicit purposes. In addition, there are pockets for pens, scissors, and a few apparatuses to make your work simpler. 

Different Details of the Scrubs

A portion of the things that you wanted to take a gander at are the top pants, waistbands, pants strings, conclusion, zippers, and fastens. 

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